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MONOZUKURI award  - 2011.12.5 -


in Mitoyo-city MONOZUKURI award.
(Monozukuri means craftmanship in Japanese. )

Many company that have their own skill or technology in Mitoyo-city nominated to this award.
Our globes are valued for the educational, intelligent idea and unique printing technology such as UV screen printing shown on the globe.

We will keep improving the printing technology and try to make geografia line better and better.

Galerie Imaginaire  - 2011.10.28 -

Galerie Imaginaire

Geografia items will be in “Galerie Imaginaire” the Christmas market which is held by Le Bon Marché, Paris.
There are many Christmas market in Europe, but they will range various high quality and high-end items during the event. 
In this event, the collaborated notebook with Le Bon Marché which expresses the beautiful city of Paris will be appeared there.
The items will be available at online store as well from October 29th.

Place: Le Bon Marché 2nd floor
Term: October 29, 2011 ~ December 31st.
Address: 24 Rue de Sèvres 75007 Paris, FRANCE



Publication Information  - 2011.10.28 -

Madame Figaro

geografia was introduced in LE FIGARO MADAME october 1st edition.

Event Information - 2011.09.05 -

SUGAO essential design in JAPAN

We will exhibit geografia items in the SUGAO essential design in JAPAN, which is held by merci in Paris, France.

Merci is the select shop that handles high designed items.
The shop is very popular among those who are conscious with design and interior things, and loved by people from all over the world not only people lives in Paris.

In this event, you can see many Japanese products which are themed for Japanese daily life”

It is good opportunity to see the items that reflect the Japanese design and technology at the same time.

7 September - 1 October 2011
111, boulevard Beaumarchais 75003 Paris


New York International Gift Fair - 2011.08.25 -

New York International Gift Fair

We had an international exhibition in New York International Gift Fair.

Thank you very much for visiting us.
It was first time for us to exhibit in North America, and it was successful.

Our next show will be Maison and Object in Paris.

Work shop  - 2011.08.08 -

Work Shop in Tokyo Midtown Design Hub Kids week 2011

We had workshop for children in Tokyo Midtown Design Hub Kids week 2011. Many people applied more than we fixed, so the workshop was lively.

In the first session, designers from Drill Design lectured as teacher using Sectional Globe Blank.
The participants enjoyed assembling and coloring the globes in the quiz session to find countries that indicated by teachers.
They seemed to be very happy and satisfied with their original globes.

In the second session, Hajime Narukawa from AuthaGraph lectured about development of the figures and how continents are structured with using the Flippable Globe.
At the last of the workshop, we had a race to fill a blank of development of Flippable Globe.

We hope that more children will be interested in the earth and all over the world with our sectional globes.

Thank you very much for joining our workshop.

Event Information  - 2011.08.08 -

New York International Gift Fair

We will exhibit our works in New York International Gift Fair,
which is the biggest gift fair in North America.
We will exhibit new items includes twistable globe, flippable globe,
the smaller size of blank globe and existed items as well.


August 14, 2011~August 18, 2011
Venue: Jacob K.Javits Convention Center
Level 3 “General Gift” No.1782 ( in Japan Pavilion )
Organizer: George Little Management, LLC

Publication Information  - 2011.08.01 -


Geografia was introduced in “OCEANS”, the fashion magazine targeting for the men around 30th to 40th.
Our blank globe is show in the article about variety goods for men.

The magazine is in store now.

Publication Information  - 2011.07.27 -


geografia was introduced in Nikkei Design August edition,
issued on July 24th.

Our flippable globe was shown as the product that designed
to create future and market in the article "Smart Design 100".

Publication Information  - 2011.07.22 -


geografia is featured in PAPER’S which is issued by Takeo Company Limited every 3 months.

This free paper gives articles about the design related to paper,
the interview between designers and any other industries about paper.

This is very specialized free paper that is issued by Takeo Company Limited, the company that manufactures and sells papers.
You can take this free paper in Takeo Shops.

Workshop  - 2011.07.20 -

DESIGN HUB Kids Week at Tokyo Midtown

geografia will join “Tokyo Midtown Design Hub Kids Week 2011”
which is held by Design Hub.

This is a project that holds the workshop themed for design and handcrafting for children every day, and many company and
organization join this every year.

Our workshop is named “Let’s make paper globes!” ,
and designers from Drill Design and AuthaGraph will be teachers.

There will be many different work shops.
We believe that many kids will have great experience there.
( We apologize that our work shop is already full. We can’t accept
any application now.)

Tokyo Midtown Design Hub Kids Week 2011
Term: August 4th 2011 ~ August 12th 2011
Organizer: Tokyo Mid Town Design Hub

Publication Information  - 2011.07.13 -

Nikkei Marketing Journal

Georafia was featured in Nikkei Marketing Journal on 13th, July.

Nikkei Marketing Journal is the newspaper which is issued on every other day. They introduce the latest trend and the new try of business.

On the journal, the history of georafia, the exhibition in overseas,
the introduction about the new items and other information are presented.

interiorlifestyle TOKYO  - 2011.06.07 -

Thank you for coming.

Thank you for visiting the interior lifestyle exhibition.
We exhibited new type of globe this year,
and had the great reputation there.

Thank you very much.

information  - 2011.06.02 -

geografia twitter

We got a Twitter account.

geografia / @geografiapress

EVENT INFORMATION  - 2011.05.26 -

interiorlifestyle TOKYO

We will be unveiling our new works at interior lifestyle.
Various new globes, memo blocks and notebook are coming soon.

interiorlifestyle TOKYO
June 1, 2011 - June 3, 2011
open 10:00 / close 18:00 ( until 17:00 on the final day)
10 : 00 - 18 : 00(最終日は17時まで)
Venue: Tokyo International Exhibition Center
(Tokyo Big Sight) West Hall + atrium
Organizer: Messago Messe Frankfurt corp.

EVENT INFORMATION  - 2011.04.04 -


We will exhibit geografia products in “EXTRA-ORDINARY DESIGN FAIR” which is held by La Rinascente in Milano, Italy.

This event will be held in the same period with “Milano Salone”,
and you can see various products which are selected by La Rinascente.

April 11, 2011 – April 24, 2011
La Rinescente Milano




GINZA SAYEGUSA Lifestyle Magazine

Our Sectional Globe Blank was introduced in GINZA SAYEGUSA Lifestyle Magazine.

This catalogue was issued by GINZA SAYEGUSA 4 times a year,
and you are able to order our Sectional Globe Blank (WHITE)
on the catalogue



Geografia was introduced in “Fu" which is issued by Newspaper of Fukui.

The feel of Sectional Globe Material and the earth's tilt were featured in the page of "Design Paper"



Geografia was introduced in MONO MAGAZINE No. 644.

Drill Design was interviewed about the history of geografia
with the title of "Investigation Of Mono"

MAISON & OBJET 2011  - 2011.02.01 -

We had an exhibition at MAISON & OBJET

We had an international exhibition at
MAISON & OBJET in Paris.

Thank you very much for visiting us.

We will release new works in this summer.
Please remind that you don’t miss them.

Exhibition News  - 2011.01.07 -


We will exhibit our works at MAISON & OBJECT in Paris.

The new product under development will be shown in the fair.
I hope you enjoy the various range of our works.


January 21, 2011 - January 25, 2011
9:30 - 19:00 (until 18:00 on the final day)
Venue : Paris - Nord Villepinte

NIKKEI DESIGN January Edition - 2011.01.06 -

NIKKEI DESIGN January Edition

Geografia was introduced in NIKKEI DESIGN January edition.
The series of Sectional Globe are on the cover.

Akio Okuda, the president of MARUMO PRINTING Co., Ltd. introduced geografia and our works in the magazine.

Please take a look when you see this in bookstore.