blank sectional globe "earth's axis, 23.4 degrees."

earth’s axis, 23.4 degrees[BLANK] sectional globe

A plain globe which you can make unique with your own coloring or drawing. Learn about the earth's structure when you assemble the core parts and the surface parts. This uniquely shaped globe is designed to lean at exactly the same angle as the earth's tilt.

Φ260 / Φ200 / Φ140 (when finished) 
printing :
micro flute printing
Product No. :
[M size]
[S size]

Large size globe which is easy to color and write in. Medium size globe which is suitable to display in the room. Small size globe which is compact and reasonable.

The “core parts” framework which is made of ultra-thin cardboard and is printed with the internal construction of the earth. Insert the “surface sheet”, on which is depicted the outlines of the oceans and the continents, over the core parts framework; the globe, which leans on an axis of 23.4 degrees, is then complete.

How to assemble

The front part is an English version; the back has the Japanese version.


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